Frequently Asked Questions

Costs and earnings

Setting up your site with PaysiteManager is entirely free. We don't charge any setup, support, or upgrade fees. Instead, we operate on a revenue share model. This means that our fee is based on a percentage of the revenue your website generates. We are fully committed to your success because we only make money when you do!

You will receive your earnings in the same currency as your bank account.

Payments are processed on the 5th of each month, except on major holidays or weekends. In such cases, payments will be made on the next business day. Please note that a two-week hold is necessary as a reserve for potential chargebacks and refunds from your members.

No, there is no set minimum requirement. You are free to operate your site at your own pace without any pressure.

Yes, there is a $50 minimum payout threshold. We ensure you receive your earnings promptly.

We provide two payout methods: US direct deposit (ACH) and International Wire transfer (+$25 wire transfer fee).

The revenue split is 75/25 after deducting a 10% processing fee from the total revenue generated by your site.

At PaysiteManager, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional services and features that other companies don't offer. Our focus is on providing you with a simple, user-friendly interface and cutting-edge cloud-based streaming. Our dedicated customer service sets us apart from the competition, making us the preferred choice for success-driven website owners.

Our percentage covers:
  • Servers and content storage (MojoHost)
  • Cloudflare streaming service
  • Yearly Visa/Mastercard Fees
  • Customer Support / Personal Service
  • Feature Development
  • Website Customization
  • Server Maintenance
  • 24/7 On Call Support
  • Custom Feature Requests and development


Domain Name

Yes, you must use your own new or existing domain name for your PaysiteManager site. We do not provide or purchase domains on behalf of clients.

Absolutely! We respect your ownership and control over your domain name. If you decide not to use our service, you can easily point your domain elsewhere without any hindrance from us. Be cautious of any service that tries to control your domain.

Agreement / Content Ownership

Yes, you will need to agree to our terms of service.

No, there is no contract between you and PaysiteManager. You have the freedom to cancel the agreement and leave at any time.

If you no longer wish to work with us, simply close your account. There are no associated fees for closing your account.

Content / Timelines / Process

Launching your website is a straightforward process. After uploading your content, we'll assist you in customizing your site and submitting it to the credit card companies for approval. The approval process typically takes around 30 days. Once approved, your site will be ready to go live!

Yes, our platform offers a complete adult content management system.

Not at all! Our team handles all the technical aspects for you. Simply upload your photos and videos, create your content sets, and upload your banners and logos.

You retain complete ownership of your content and stage name. PaysiteManager will never claim any rights to the materials you've uploaded to the system.

Yes, our payment processors have strict guidelines on acceptable content. We adhere to Visa/MC rules to minimize risk and maintain billing capabilities. Rest assured, we prioritize safeguarding your brand and website.

You upload and manage all of your content yourself.

We recommend uploading at least 20 videos and/or photosets before launching your site.

The timeline for creating your site largely depends on how prepared you are with your content. Once you have uploaded your photos and videos, our team will assist you in customizing your site and submit it to the credit card companies for approval. On average, the approval process takes around 30 days.

No, you can take as much time as you need to create your site.

Payment Processing

Members will sign up through your site and be redirected to one of our payment gateways, where they can complete the payment process. We offer various payment methods to ensure a seamless and convenient experience for your members.

We use Segpay and CCBill as our payment gateways, both of which are trusted and secure platforms.

Currently, we do not support PayPal payments, but we are actively working on integrating this payment option in the near future to offer more choices for your members.

No, there's no need for you to sign up and pay separately for a payment gateway account. We handle all payment processing through our gateway accounts, simplifying the process for you.

No, you won't have to worry about the "high risk" fees for Visa and MasterCard transactions. We cover this cost on your behalf, saving you $2,000 per year.

Not yet, but we are actively exploring the possibility of accepting Bitcoin and other Crypto payments in the near future.


Absolutely! We welcome clients from all over the world. Whether you are based in the U.S., Canada, or any other country, you can take advantage of our services.

Yes, we don't accept clients or payments from countries listed on the U.S. OFAC list. This restriction is in compliance with regulations and international trade standards.

No, your website will be a stand-alone site, and you won't share your members or member revenues with any other of our clients. Your website and its earnings are exclusively yours.

We offer various preset price points for membership fees. Additionally, if you have specific pricing preferences, we can set up custom price points tailored to your needs.

Absolutely! Your website will automatically resize to fit most major mobile devices, including tablets and phones with Android or iOS operating systems. We prioritize providing a seamless mobile experience for your users.

Not at all! Our admin panel provides all the necessary tools you need to manage your website with ease. Even if you have zero website management experience, you'll find it simple and intuitive. Should you encounter any issues or have questions, our support team is always ready to assist you promptly.

Absolutely! We offer graphic design services related to your website, and the best part is, we usually don't charge for these services.

Yes, we understand that questions or issues may arise at any time. That's why our support team is available during USA evenings and on weekends. We strive to respond to support inquiries as quickly as possible and aim to respond within the hour. Often, you’ll receive a response within 15 minutes.
We hope this answers all your questions regarding PaysiteManager. We are excited to assist you in launching and managing your successful adult content website. If you have any further inquiries or need assistance with anything else, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team.